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Nicole Sunshine Dalton

A native of Huntington, New York, Nicole Sunshine Dalton wears many hats from being a mother of three children (and a marketing agent for her children), entrepreneur and business owner of Gods Property, licensed notary, podcast hostess Celebrating Life with Sunshine and Hip-Hop Friday on DaSpeakEasy, author, motivational speaker, evangelist and recording spoken word artist. She is also full-time paralegal for a good-sized law firm. She has so many hats because of her desire to help so many people.

Nicole started writing at a very young age and has never stopped. Because of this passion, Nicole went back to college in 2015 and graduated from Bryant and Straton College with her Associate's Degree. After that, she published 3 books and released them all on Amazon. During the pandemic, Nicole got the urge to write these books to release encouragement, some nuggets to apply to our daily lives and to help created generational wealth. The names of the books are: In Gods Hands, Looking In From The Outside and Links to Our Legacy: Life After Death.

Nicole can be found on the platforms listed below. She is always available to do Spoken Words and Motivation Speaking.


Author Nicole Dalton connects you to a message from God to help you each day. Read the quotes and apply to your daily life.

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